Rapport for Mitigation installation Complete -Win

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IBM Trusteer Rapport for Mitigation provides financial institution end users with an easy way to clean their malware-infected devices. It investigates, remediates, blocks and removes dangerous man-in-the-browser (MitB) financial malware from infected machines and offers immediate recommendations when faced with malware.
The solution helps banks prevent potential account takeover attacks (ATO), protect credentials and personal information, and guard against fraudulent transactions. Its investigation capabilities work in conjunction with IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect to create the first and second lines of defense against malware attacks.

How does it work?

When you browse to a website the IBM Security Trusteer Rapport icon appears in or near the browser’s address bar.
The icon indicates that the Rapport is protecting your communication with the website.
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If you do not see the Rapport icon, please verify you are using a supported browser.
If you were able to see the icon before, but after installing a Rapport update cannot, please force-quit your browser and open it again.
For more information about the Rapport Installation, click here
If you encounter problems with Rapport please contact IBM Security Trusteer support.
For IBM Security Trusteer support contact details, click here