Uninstalling Rapport on Windows 8

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You can uninstall Rapport on Windows 8 by following these instructions:


  1. Click the 'Start menu' in the bottom-left corner of your screen:

image of cursor at bottom left-hand side of screen to open start menu


  1. Click on the 'magnifying glass' in the top-right corner of your screen:


  1. Type 'Control Panel' into the Search text box. Click on the 'Control Panel' tab that appears below the text box:


  1.  Click on 'Programs and features':


  1. Choose 'Trusteer Endpoint Protection' and click 'Uninstall'. This will present a Windows message asking if you are sure you want to remove Trusteer Rapport. Click "Yes".


  1. You may be presented with three options, choose 'Continue' (If you do not see the dialog, skip to step 7):

image of Rapport remote support dialogue box


  1. You can now choose to connect to support if you would assistance with any technical issues. Otherwise, choose 'No thanks, Uninstall now':

image of uninstall Rapport dialogue box


  1. If you chose to uninstall, you now need to enter the characters and click 'Shutdown' for the uninstall sequence to begin:

image of Trusteer captcha and shutdown dialogue box


*If you want to remove the Google Chrome Rapport extension, please visit this page for instructions