Does Trusteer Rapport support screen readers or magnifiers?

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Yes, IBM Security Trusteer Rapport supports screen readers, magnifying software and other assistive technologies.

To download the latest version of Rapport please click here.

Please note that you will need to install Rapport in screen reader compatibility mode. To do so:

  • Click on Advanced in the installation menu:

Rapport Installation - Advanced Button

  • In the next menu, check the box "I am visually impaired and regularly use assistive screen reader technologies", and then select "Screen Reader Required" in the message that pops up.
  • Click on Continue and proceed with the installation.

Once Rapport is installed in Visually Impaired mode, the Rapport icon will appear by your browser's address bar to indicate Rapport is running properly. 
When you visit a site protected by Rapport, the icon will be green, with a check mark in it:

browser search bar with checked green icon (protected site)

When you visit an unprotected site, the Rapport icon in the search bar will be grey, and will not have a check mark in it: 

browser search bar with un-checked grey icon (unprotected site)